Monday, 2 May 2016

April 25-May 1, 2016

5 days on the road.  First 2 days weren’t very productive as Monday we had pretty bad jet lag from flying all night and the time change was kind of messing with us and then Tuesday we came to a sudden hault as a wicked storm rolled across Kansas - We arrived in Hatteras on Friday late afternoon. 

We enjoyed the drive across country – as the miles flew by;  Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee and North Carolina – the prettiest part of the drive by far was Western North Carolina.  I enjoyed the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains.
We passed the time by listening to Martin Sexton – played some air instruments – for Payton and Ethan.  Replayed Martin Sexton’s version of Purple Rain quite a few times as we still mourn the loss or Prince.  We did watch the movie twice in Maui – and Bill has remarked that my hairdo looks a lot like Prince’s guitar player Wendy – not a good thing – The 80s were a scary time for my parents when I decided to dump MJ for Prince.
We had a long talk to Steph and the kids – heard a more about their trip to Mexico – all the animals they saw, the lazy rivers they rode and some of the shows they went to – which they have re-enacted for us in a video.  Ethan says he has been practising his moon walk and it is pretty good, but he needs a little more work on his lean – and according to him “it is not impossible!”  Then he quickly had to let us go because he wanted to pack up and sleep in the RV for the night – nothing like camping in the driveway.   Payton enjoyed her trip and is patiently waiting for her easy bake oven recipes to arrive as we were a little tardy on the Birthday gifts this year…
And unfortunately we got some very sad news on our drive here - that Karen and Jim lost Woody – they had brought him to the vet for a simple dental procedure and something went terribly wrong.  We are so heartbroken for our friends.
We were all together in Tahoe last February when they had to put Nimbus down and we were all so excited for them and their new puppy.
When Jim went to pick the puppy out for Karen for Christmas– he took his time watching all the puppies and it was Woody who picked him by walking over to him and sitting on his foot – Woody was an exceptionally smart puppy and I believe he knew if I go home with this guy – I will have the best puppy life possible – I will be able to play in the snow and run on the beach and never be left alone. 
We are so thankful for our time with Woody this March and we will never forget him chasing us down the mountain and through the snow as we skied, our nightly walks and all the kisses and cuddles we received.  We had never met a dog so full of love.

It has been really hard on everyone – so we are sending love and healing hugs to our dear friends Jim and Karen.  Also to Janice , Jerry & Amy who will miss Woody's visits.  See you in a couple weeks. xo
I like to think there is a puppy heaven and Kona, Nimbus, Moon & Josie are all there to take care of  Woody.

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