Wednesday, 18 May 2016

April 29-May 12, 2016
We have making the yearly trek to Cape Hatteras for the past 19 years – my relationship with Hatteras is definitely a love/hate relationship – we have made some of our very best & like-minded friends in  Hatteras and have weathered out some pretty big storms on the island and life together. 
This year was very different and I guess when I reflect on the reasons for the change and the many missing faces – I remember the loss of our dear friends Bob, Charlie and Esther. 
The physical change in the island is much like the changes in our lives – every year a piece is missing or not quite the same.  I guess that is what happens over 2 decades.  We have held on to each other thru cancer scares and divorces.  We have traveled to celebrate weddings and tried to help friends with young kids continue to make the trek. 
This year things were definitely different with our gang not there.  We did enjoy some meals and fires with our friends Nil and Anne from Quebec.  We love hearing about all their incredible adventures – They are both retired kayak guides and have travelled to many remote parts of our country.   They enjoy backcountry skiing and are big kiters – we might vacation with them next year on the West Coast for a hut tour. 
We also joined the River Rats for a few fires.  This gang is from New York and windsurf in the Hudson River – that is how they got their nickname.   I loved spending time with Marty who is 82 and still windsurfing and in the Winter he is a ski instructor for disabled skiers.  This was Marty’s first year back to Hatteras since losing his wife Esther in 2013 – I watched him go out with all his gear on a light wind day and was worried about him as he struggled lifting the sail and heavy gear.   I sat eagerly by our window in the trailer and watched him for a good hour before finally the wind picked up and lifted his sail and away he went – I jumped up and down and clapped in excitement for him and maybe even had a tear.    He got his ride – and he definitely still has it.
We also spent some time with our friends from North Bay who rented a house – Dave, Kim, Agnes & Gerry.  We even found some Astorville friends at the campground Claude and Lise.
Meeting a new friend always brings joy to my life – thank you to our new friend Craig from Squamish BC who is currently doing his residency in Burlington.   Bill and Craig enjoyed some surfing and SUPing sessions and a few short road rides.   Great to spend those few days with Craig – sharing meals and nightly fires - thank you for biking at my speed and for letting me draft you - and for watching the (Unidentified) fireflies with me –  I am not done with my recruiting efforts.  Hope you come and see how beautiful North Bay is – you are welcome any time.

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