Monday, 23 May 2016

As our adventure is winding down to an end.  I reflect on how different this experience was to our last adventure back in 2010.

The highlight for me I would have to say was seeing so many National Parks – the hikes and scenery were spectacular – seeing the wildlife up close and personal in Yellowstone was magical and Yosemite  was somewhat of a religious experience and definitely an “ah ha moment.” 

Another way this adventure was different was that I had more alone time.  I think the reason for this is that we moved around so much and we never really got settled enough to connect with people.  I search for the lesson in this - as you all know I believe everything happens for a reason and every person is brought into our life for a purpose.  I have come up with the conclusion that my alone time taught me -  I already have everyone that I need in my life and it gave me time to reflect and give thanks to each of those people – I have images of phone calls home and catching up with the important people in my life – most of these calls happened from the most beautiful locations – and now that I look back it was that beauty that brought those faces to mind.  So thank you for the part you each play in my life and our adventure.

I look way back to the beginning of our adventure and the time we got to spend with Steph, Lou, Payton and Ethan and I will always hold that time dear to my heart.  Princess P and E-man are at such a perfect age to build memories with – and we had so many days together and so many special things we did together - 

They reset the child in me and I was able to bring that forward with me.  It allowed me to see everything as new and magical.  It awakened all my senses.  They also taught me to let go of the serious adult in me and not be afraid to use my imagination & let go and be silly….I had fits of giggles with them that have continued to stay with me right up until last night!

I am thankful for my time & talks with Ted and for the night of fun in the box seats at the Calgary Flames Game. 

I am so thankful for our time with Lance, Christine, Anna & Maria – Bozeman was amazing.  We loved camping out in their driveway and taking part in all their family meals, movie nights and backcountry skiing together – they each played a huge part in getting me ready for the rest of my backcountry ski time and boosting my confidence and ability to be in the backcountry!  It was so great that we also got to spend a week with them in Utah in March in that incredible ski house – I know there are move adventures to come with the Riek family!!!

We loved our time in Lake Tahoe with our friends Jim and Chuck & Jan (we missed you dearly Karen.)  We loved skiing & playing in the snow with Jim and Woody.   It was great to have a little break from the trailer as Jan was having no part of us sleeping outsideJWe enjoyed many delicious meals together prepared by Jim and learned a few tricks by watching him in the kitchen – Chuck and Jan prepared a departing breakfast and care package for us that kept us full for daysJThank you.

It seems only fitting that we spend the last leg of our time in Cape Cod which is one of our most favorite places to be and with some our most favorite friends – and once again we are exactly where we are supposed to be --to walk beside our friends in the loss of their puppy Woody and to help Janice and Jerry with getting Jan’s mom moved and settled into the nursing home.  Bill and Jerry enjoyed playing in the Ocean and built a new outdoor shower --I enjoyed listening to them argue like my 2 favorite grumpy old men--Walter Matheau and Jack Lemon.

Jan, Karen and I enjoyed our favorite pass times-- shopping, long walks  & listening to music – dancing to Prince and just  being together –

 I look forward to seeing my mom, my Aunties and all my friends. 

I look forward to returning to work, getting a haircut & color, my wardrobe & slipping on a great pair of shoes!

I feel such a sense of warmth with the thought of home and what that now means to me.


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